I have been privileged to work on multi-million unit selling blockbuster titles for more than a decade, allowing me to develop a wealth of game development experience. I have spent much of my career breaking down the barriers between film and videogames on narrative driven projects to create a seamless experience for the Player.

I am an explorer at heart and I thrive in an environment that is driven by challenging convention. I believe games still have a huge amount of scope for innovation, an approach which has earned me three BAFTA nominations. Yet despite my own personal accolades I am keenly aware that I am only as strong as the team I am working with, which is why I aim to collaborate with like-minded, passionate people.


The most important part of the design process is understanding and empathising with the player. Design almost always involves constraints, but ensuring these are not visible to the player and tailoring the experience towards players needs is what realises that seamless engaging vision.


Creative solutions to challenges is what great design is all about, however ambition needs to be surrounded by a failure friendly environment to allow for true innovation. Failing fast allows you to learn fast, improve and ultimately conquer the next challenge.


'No man is an island' applies strongly to any project. I firmly believe in cross discipline communication resulting in the formation of cohesive team relationships that are focused on producing the best results together, as a team.